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TGS Insights: "Pandemic presents Opportunity" with Prasad Vanga

Today on TGS Insights, Prasad Vanga (Founder & CEO of Anthill Ventures) talks to us about the future of work, how industries need to think differently and the many opportunities that the Pandemic presents us with.

@MindistMedia was all set to make a Bollywood movie but then the lockdown happened and well, now here we are - interviewing amazing people from across the globe for#TheGreatShift!

Like so many of you, we were humbled by the lockdown. We were (and are still) separated from our homes and our families. We were (though now not so much) also terrible at doing the basics. We were cooking mediocre dal, cleaning the house irregularly and wearing the same clothes for days. We will never take our moms for granted again.#Howdidtheydoit

But eventually, it got better, because we got better - we had no choice, we just had better. We started to be different and hence, do things differently too.

We released our first episode almost a month ago. It did… alright. We got around a 1000 views from sharing with our families and friends. Then… what? We didn’t know how to proceed. But something strange began to happen. At first, we had to call a hundred people to get just 10-12 interviews, but after the release of our first episode, we began to get more and more and more…

Now we have more than 40 absolutely riveting interviews to process and create our narratives from! That’s a whole lot of engaging content to show you guys - We hope you learn as much as we did from our videos!

As creators, we create. Why stop for anything? Tell us what you made in Lockdown!#MadeInLockdown

If you have insights/experiences that you want to share with us or if you want to get involved with THE GREAT SHIFT in some way, feel free to send us a DM:


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